It’s all about love…

It's all about love...

Hello Everyone!

Love is not a new teaching! It is actually the oldest and most common teaching of all religions and paths.  It has been said that the highest form of “worship” is  to gaze with great love into the eyes of others and to welcome each one with love and respect.  All scriptures and saints have taught that the divine self exists equally in all beings regardless of personality.   If we can understand and discipline our minds to see in a more profound way, we can have greater inner peace and fewer daily internal conflicts.   Life has true value when we experience pure and unconditional love within our own heart. Have you ever been aware of that love and centered your day around it?  Yoga is superficial without love.  Spirituality is hollow without love.  Without love, meditation can be an empty void.  Once love is discovered within, the meaning and purpose of life are intuitively obvious.  Love contains everything!  Nothing can diminish it, add to it or even enhance it.  We can experience true contentment and fulfillment when we are feeling love.

The mind feels that it has to know how it knows what it knows before it will accept it.  Higher knowledge cannot be approached this way.  What this means is that when we go beyond the mind, when we discover what is deeper than our thoughts and emotions, we enter into an infinite ocean of love.  This love is nothing that we willfully conjure up or convince someone to feel.  It is always present within everyone. Love is the secret of the self. Life’s truest value comes when we experience pure and unconditional love within our own heart.

If a person honestly observes herself/himself over a long period of time, and recognizes the times that she/he felt the best and experienced the greatest happiness and peace of mind, it would be those times when there was a “glimpse” of love.  Many people that I speak with get hung up on making decisions.  What if we looked at it from the perspective of  a loving solution?  If your thinking that the choices have nothing to do with love, then they are only relatively important anyway, regardless of how dramatic they may seem at the time.

Research has shown that over 70% of people who win large lotteries and become ‘instant millionaires’ sooner or later feel as though their life is worse that it was before, or experience severe depression for the first time.  It is love that gives life meaning and without it, there is still emptiness even if we ‘ have it all ‘.

If you sincerely wish to transform your life, to go beyond your greatest dreams, then practice remaining focused on the love that bubbles from within.  Let this love permeate your life. Set it as your highest priority under all circumstances and with all people.  You are probably thinking, ‘how do I do this?’ or ‘where do I begin?’  Begin by quieting the mind with music, meditation, or a quiet walk in nature.  Also allow yourself to be light, humorous, cheerful and playful and watch what happens!

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Have a magical day,

~Dr. Judy

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