Reflections on Mother’s Day

Reflections on Mother's Day

Hello Everyone and Happy Mother’s Day!

Mothers really are very important people. First they carry us for 9 months, go through the birthing process and then have the awesome responsibility to be up with us several times during the night for feedings.  Mothers are responsible for nutrition, keeping the home clean and safe and for on-going attention to all of the child’s needs. Mother’s also provide nurturing, patience and compassion for their child.

My mother was a wonderful role model. When I was a young child, my mother went back to school for a master’s degree in teaching.  I have memories of her studying and preparing for exams.  Then she began teaching and spent Sunday afternoon’s preparing for her week.  She loved her work and took her role as a teacher creativity and attentively.  After school, she would spend time with my sister, Jill, and me, being available for whatever was going on.  My mother was a delicious cook, too!  Every night we would sit down as a family for dinner.  These are fond memories and ones that I cherish.

Becoming a mother to my daughter, Rhonda, has truly been the highlight of my life.  I appreciated the role and made Rhonda and my relationship with her my priority.  I realized at that time that I wanted to increase my knowledge of nutrition so that I could raise a healthy child.  I began avidly reading and studying and that was the birth of my eventually becoming a clinical nutritionist.  Rhonda was brought up on whole foods and with an understanding that what we put into our bodies matters in terms of how we feel, how we think and how much energy we have. Rhonda learned early on to take vitamins and why they are so important.

Mother and daughter relationships change throughout the years and in the different stages of life. Getting older I have gained a new perspective on just how important these relationships are to our overall well-being.  Let’s all commit to being mindful not to take these relationships for granted.  Let’s nourish the people we love.

I  appreciate my mother and my daughter. I hope that you feel the same way and continually look for the good in these special relationships.

Have a magical day.

~Dr. Judy

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